Online Career Accelerator

10 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Try Online Career Accelerator

There are tons of online courses across different sites that offer a variety of topics to learn skills to transition into working from home. But how do we know which of these are worth the value of our money? 

Among several online training providers available is the platform Online Career Accelerator developed by a visionary named An Bui. What sets it apart from other online platforms and how would you know if this is the right fit for you? 

The founder of Online Career Accelerator is An Bui. 

An Bui’s name is starting to be known among work-from-home enthusiasts and budding digital marketers because of his works and achievements in the world of digital marketing. Despite being a college dropout, he managed to climb up the ranks and be able to secure several clients from multi-national companies. He also trained with esteemed and reputable experts in the field.

There are some who had been spreading lies about An Bui and this platform, saying it is a scam. This does not sit well with students who already reaped the benefits of enrolling in this course. Lots of these students have doubled the price of what they have originally paid for and have grown their network and got more premium clients. All thanks to An Bui!

The price of the course is WORTH IT!

Just like other online platforms that offer training and coaching, this also comes with a price. It may be slightly higher for its price of $4997 than other platforms, but this one offers a free webinar to assess if you should go through the paid one or not. Aside from that, Online Career Accelerator it is jampacked with all the courses you’ll be needing to start your journey in working from home. It will teach you not only the basics but also skills that will help you build your profile to cater to more clients.

OnlineCareerAccelerator offers basic and advanced training that will help you boost your career. 

OnlineCareerAccelerator has a wide variety of courses to choose from. If you are a newbie with no prior experience how to work from home or no prior skills, they have courses on how to write an effective cover letter and eye-catching resume, how to present yourself to a potential client, and even what are appropriate things you can tell your recruiter during an interview. They will also train you in the basics of SEO, the basics of Google Ads, the Basics of Email Marketing, and many more. 

The Coaches and Mentors are Specialists and Experts in the Field

You will be amazed that hundreds of these coaches and specialists and none of them are fake or con artists. The educators are experts in the field they are teaching in. The quality of teaching is also incomparable since they offer one-on-one coaching with the students so you can be sure that whenever you are feeling a little bit confused with one of the lessons, the coach will be able to address your problem and explain that specific part in a way that you could understand. 

It will Make your life Easier. 

Instead of scrolling through multiple videos offering tutorials about digital marketing, you can find everything you will need here on this platform. The videos are self-paced. You can start and end the videos on your own time. OnlineCareerAccelerator is actually designed so people could learn in the comforts of their home or anywhere they would like to do their stuff. This is also an actual introduction of what’s going to happen when they get their remote jobs –working comfortably anywhere in the world. 

OnlineCareerAccelerator is Actually for Everyone.

Age and educational background won’t matter here, because this is open for everyone who is willing to learn the secrets of digital marketing. Even if you are a beginner exploring your options or a more advanced student who wants to enhance his skills.  Your willingness to learn and be trained by the esteemed coaches and mentors who will help you succeed in this path is the only thing you need. The coaches are willing to help you walk through the courses and assist you if you are having a hard time in one of the lessons. 

 A Cheaper Alternative for University Degree

There are lots of people who opted to drop out of school so they can provide food at the table. Many have missed out on the many opportunities and benefits that a degree could provide. Once they realized that they’d like to have the knowledge these degree holders have, they are either tied up to the current job they have to provide for their family or do not have the energy to pursue University studies. OnlineCareerAccelerator is the best option for them, it will teach them all the necessary skills that a University could provide and more. Aside from that, not only professors will teach the courses but esteemed professionals and experts who have worked in this field for a period of time. 

A Community Where You Will Feel Welcome

Aside from the support of the mentors via one-on-one sessions, you will also be included in a community wherein you can connect with your co-students and find camaraderie with those you have the same interests in. You will not feel alone in exploring this new journey since you will share it with hundreds of more students who are going through the same pace as you. You can also set up a meeting with An Bui himself and discuss your thoughts about the courses, you can also ask him for tips on how to improve your profile and dissect with him your strengths and weaknesses and how these can play to your advantage. Learning is so much better when you know someone is there to guide you and assist you like a real family.

Guaranteed to Make you Money

Hundreds of students have taken this course and have been successful in securing a job that pays them $5,000 to $12,000  per month in digital marketing. They have earned more than their previous jobs, some have even established agencies and businesses because of how much their earnings have grown. Though again, this is not one of those “get-rich-quick” schemes since your perseverance will determine your success in this field. Once the lessons have been given and taught, it is up to you to work through it to start the life you have designed for yourself. 

Success Within Reach 

Enrolling in this online training is really life-changing. From starting from scratch with zero knowledge to gaining skills that eventually landed you a job that pays $80-$150k per annum. Lots of students have been thanking An Bui and Online Career Accelerator for the success they have reached in their lives. The fact that you can master big skills in such a short period of time is just mind-blowing. Unlike in other ventures, you are sure that in this platform, something good is going to happen to you if you partner with someone like An Bui. 

OnlineCareerAccelerator may be new to the ears of some, some might not trust it since its claims might be too good to be true. But then again, how can you challenge those thoughts if there are hundreds of students who can back An Bui and Online Career Accelerator that it indeed helps students, young professionals, mothers, and career shifters get the life they dreamt and deserved. If you want to get the same fate for yourself, you should definitely check them out and see if it is the thing that you need. 

To be or not to be, that is the question. The decision is entirely yours. But if you really like to live the life you have always wanted, you should get the expert training from people who have been on the field for so long, who have shown their capacity and has hundreds of students to back up their claims and no other courses will provide the support and care that OnlineCareerAccelerator has been providing its students since day one.