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7 Image Search Tools That Will Change Your Life

Even though Google has played the role of a lifesaver when it comes to browsing, the official reverse image search has recently raised its memory. Some of the most exciting features – color search, instant rolling, hover preview – is just a slimmer shadow.

When we dig deeper, we get to know more about the exciting services of image search online for its users. Here are our seven favorites.

This reverse image search tool can track where the image appears on the web. This free image search tool is perfect for marketers. Even for those who want to keep an eye on whatever is used by their competitors.

ReverseImageSearch is also useful for photographers, graphic artists, or other content makers. They use this image finder to see where their work is useful and where it appears online. Users can also set warnings and notifications when one of their images is misused. If someone uses a photo without permission, it can be your savior. This image search tool provides the following benefits for users.

  • Help in perfect research work
  • Find SEO Friendly Content
  • Find a picture with better resolution
  • Locate similar photos with different sizes
  • Helps in finding what is behind the cropped image
  • You don’t have to enter keywords
  • Helps to ensure plagiarism-free content


Oskope is a visual search assistant that lets you image search online and products from popular sites such as Amazon, eBay, YouTube, and Flickr in a very intuitive way. You can thumbnail skim related to your search keyword and save search results from various services to visual bookmark bars at the bottom of your browser screen.


Compfight is a picture finder, handy for all your stock compartment needs but also doubled as a visual inspirational ignition machine. This allows you to search by tag or text, spitting out a fun thumbnail wall. Very useful: CreativeCommons search options, which are filtered based on the type of image rights license.

Browser Tags Related To Flickr

You can recall the browser tag related to Flickr from Pickings Past – a sleek web application that takes the Flickr image search marked with your search keywords in a neat grid, surrounded by the related radial display tag. Clicking every related tag produces the same picture grille as it is marked with it, the semantics lead you into an endless rabbit hole.


Tineye is an inverted image search tool – feed any image, either by uploading or by attaching the image URL, and it will tell you where it came from. We can use it on the scan of a German calendar that is not clear from our childhood. Tinyeye runs to produce results immediately can be very useful for identifying artists or sources of photos and artwork that you happen to find with Tumblr or other bookmarking.


We first showed Cooliris almost three years ago, when it was still called PicLens. This fantastic free browser plugin offers a picture search interface, not like the others. It works on the expected image search platform – Google, Flickr, etc. – But we especially like their use on Facebook, where the native searches are the worst.

Cooliris is available for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately for us, Chrome for Mac – combo our exploration weapons – not supported, but it was said to be coming soon.


Another explosion of taking past, Retriever is an experimental image search tool. It uses color recognition for image lookup to check the settings of spatial colors and digital sketches that you draw on the canvas.

It is important to remember that the algorithm is not recognized in shape, but whether the relationship between colors and space is verified against the programmed data. So if you scrape out the outline of the martini glass in black, you are more likely to get a lamppost, but if you go with a triangle upside down in blue, you might get it, Cosmo.

There are various advantages to reverse picture searches for internet users:

  • Track the use of images
  • Profiles designed and social media posts
  • Different object identification
  • Browse labeled products
  • Check the authenticity of creative artwork


These are some of our favorite photo finding utilities for reverse image search. Some of them have extraordinary features on the table, such as giving users the scope to delete duplicate images and the same image file. However, they are all the best on the way!

So try any one of them to get rid of unwanted duplicates, blurred images, and much more.