A Balance Board for Hockey Can Strengthen Your Skills

A Balance Board for Hockey Can Strengthen Your Skills

If you have not yet worked out on a balance board for hockey, you are missing out. One of the most effective ways to strengthen your core is to train on a balance board. Throughout the entire time that you balance yourself on the board, your core muscles remain engaged and ready to go. As you continue to remain balanced, your core begins to get stronger and stronger. Increased core strength can help with a plethora of different skills, including your hockey playing one. Want to know how? Keep reading.

Core Strength Equals Balance

Balance is one of the most crucial elements that is needed when playing hockey. You have to remain on your skates and in action for the entire time that you play the game. If you don’t have good balance, the odds are that you are not good at hockey either. Working out with a balance board hockey engages your core, and keeps it engaged. As your core remains engaged it begins to build strength. As your core strength continues to get stronger, your balancing skills will as well. From simply being able to skate around the rink, to being able to pull off those sick deke moves that the pros do your core is at work in all that you do. When you strengthen it, you strengthen your whole body.

Balance Equals Superior Skating

It is no secret that hockey is a rough, competitive game. It takes everything that you have in order to remain useful to your team and be a worthy adversary for your opposing team. Everything counts in a game, so the better you are able to skate, the better of a player you will be. Although shooting pucks and scoring points are key elements to winning games, being able to outskate your opponents will help you to score points.

Balance Boards Build Stamina

Working out on a balance board is a good way to build your stamina. By holding yourself balanced for long periods of time, you gain strength. However, when you combine balance drills with regular exercises you get a double package deal. For instance, as you balance yourself, train yourself to do squats at the same time. By holding your balance, and doing squats you maximize your workout potential by building your core and your leg strength at the same time. It takes an extra amount of core strength to be able to remain balanced while performing other exercises. Stamina during games can be the kind of skill that will set you apart from the competition. While the other ones are tiring out and losing steam, you will have all of the energy that you need and keep on going even when the others can’t.


At the end of the day, what matters most in the game is that you did your best. Sometimes the best means that you did what you needed to do behind the scenes in order to get yourself to a point where you are faster, stronger, and better than your opponents. Regular practice on a hockey balance board can lead to stronger skills because it helps you to sharpen and hone in on the core elements that contribute to every fundamental aspect of the game. Balance, strength, and stamina. 

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