Business Portfolio Management

Generally, there are many more applications than strictly necessary because there is insufficient insight into which applications support which business processes with which functions. Too many applications make the ICT landscape unnecessarily complex and result in high, unnecessary costs. Additionally, the quality of the business processes and collaboration between employees are negatively impacted when different applications with the same functionality are used.

When there is no insight into the coherence between applications, databases, and underlying infrastructure, it’s also difficult to determine the impact of changes, making it more complex and expensive to implement changes. Additionally, more disruptions are likely to happen. Gartner posits that 80% of the disruptions are caused by a change.

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Finally, how does an organization propose to formulate policy and strategy related to the information provision without insight into the application landscape and the way in which it supports the business operations? Business process management, BPM, forms the key to saving and safeguarding a company’s success.


Bluedolphin is Valueblu’s answer to the questions above as well as meets the boundary conditions. BlueDolphin optimally supports Application Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture. The software platform offers facilities for connections with automated sources, thanks to which the link with reality is easily safeguarded. In addition to Application Rationalization and Enterprise Architecture, BlueDolphin offers the BPM the option of modelling and optimizing current work processes due to which internal business procedures are better understood and shared.

BlueDolphin brings all information together in the central repository. This is accessible for an unlimited number of users within the organization. This means that everyone involved in IT and/or business processes has access to a single central reality.  This central reality can always be consulted, and information can be added to it. The wealth of information in BlueDolphin offers surprising strategic and cost-saving insights.