Types of Sports Business in Thailand 

Types of Sports Business in Thailand 

Thailand is a great place to start a sports business. This is because a significant number of Thai people pursue sports both as a hobby and a career. Similarly, there is a diverse range of sports being played and watched. Furthermore, Thai investors have started to invest in and own popular sports teams throughout the world. For example, King Power is the owner of Leicester City, one of the most popular soccer teams in the world. It is also the winner of the English Premier League of the 2015-16 season. This brought a new wave of football craze and fandom in Thailand. Most importantly, it attracted a lot of young people, who are going to make up a significant buying population of tomorrow. 

We have now understood why sports is a growing business in Thailand with great potential for the future. You might be wondering what are types of sports businesses that you can set up or buy and become successful. We have made a list of some of the most popular types of sports business that you can start today.

  • Sports Blogs 

Sports blogs are a sensation in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and India. Because of a large fan following in multiple sports, these blogs generate enormous traffic which turns into attractive revenue streams. There is a decent stream of ads and promotion opportunities from multiple types of companies like sports betting, sports channels, sporting goods, etc. Since Thailand is crazy for sports like soccer, boxing, badminton, and tennis, you have many things to write about. 

  • Sports Marketing 

Sports marketing is one of the most effective businesses that you can set up in Thailand. We must first understand that sports teams and organizations are also businesses. They need to acquire and retain new sets of fans and followers to maintain their popularity as well as revenue streams. Marketing a sports franchise has everything to do with experience. Sports teams must first earn a spot as a favourite team. This allows them to sell their merchandise for a lifetime. If you understand the sports marketing climate and put on decent effort, you are set up for guaranteed success. 

  • Sporting Goods Store 

Sporting goods store will not go anywhere anytime soon. Even though the craze is increasing in electronic sports, people will always love outdoor sports. Likewise, schools and educational institutions also put sports and exercise as one of their top priorities. Similarly, sport training institutions, domestic sports clubs, as well as national teams will always require sporting equipment. If you have a goods store specializing in a particular sport, you can be an authorized dealer for equipment and team merchandise. 

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  • Sports Photography and Videography 

Photography and videography are an important part of every sports team. For example, training videos and behind-the-scenes footage of popular sports teams have been highly effective in communicating with the fans. Furthermore, in highly competitive sports, managers and coaching teams require training and game footage to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their teams. For non-professional aspiring athletes, highlight reels are important while preparing for drafts. 

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