What Are The Best Business Plan Software Tools?

What Are The Best Business Plan Software Tools?

Writing a business plan is an integral step in starting a business. Business plans help entrepreneurs to identify their target market, marketing strategies, funding, goals and brand awareness strategies. Having a good and professional business plan is vital to any business in need of investors oor external funding.

The problem is many business owners do not have the time to write a business plan themselves or do not even know where to start with writing a business plan. Luckily for us there are great business plan software tools available that help aspiring business owners to set up and write professional business plans.

The Best Business Plan Software


Bizplan is one of the newer software tools currently on the market, however they already have over 30 000 satisfied customers. Their platform is user friendly and includes features like easy sharing business plans, convenient interface as well as breakdown planning processes into easily manageable steps. Their packages vary from $9.50 per month to $49 per month. A great thing about Bizplan is that they grow their platform and its features quickly.giving their customers more features to be excited for.

Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro is a great software tool, they are not cloud based and services clients looking to pay annually instead of monthly. Their annual prices vary from $99.95 to $159.95. Their best features are full online and offline access, business management dashboard tools as well as export and imports from Excel and PowerPoint. Their products are only compatible with Windows users. They have received great customer reviews and feedback.


Enloop offers business owners a free version of their tool which is great to test it out first before spending money on it. Their paid packages can be from $9.95 up to $ 39.95 per month. Their software tool includes great features like Autowrite that structures business plans, highly-customizable sample plans and performance scores. This is also a very affordable option for new and aspiring business owners.


iPlanner is the least expensive option out of all the other big business planning software tools charging their clients anything from $49 – $55 per year. Their features include unlimited team members and collaboration, discounts for serial entrepreneurs and business coaches as well as a la carte pricing model and packages.


LivePlan is definitely one of the more popular business planning software tools on the market currently. Their customers have been giving them great reviews and customer feedback. LivePlan’s packages start from $9.95 for the first month. Their great features include a convenient dashboard that tracks progress and past performance, over 500 sample business plans and create a one page business plan in 30 minutes.


PlanGuru offers clients more than just a business plan software tool, features like forecasting and analytics can also be utilized with their tool. Their charges are $99 per month or alternatively $899 per year. Other features they also offer are budgeting and forecasting, Excel-based advanced reporter builder, KPI’s and analytics service for financial performance. Should a business owner need more than just a business plan software tool they might consider PlanGuru.


StratPad has a free option and they are really popular among business owners. What’s good about is that they are innovating and updating their software tools regularly. Their paid option is $49.99 per month. Some of their features include QuickBooks integration, pay as you go plans, real-time business plan sharing tool. They are also launching a Connect service which will match young business owners’ business plans to banks, bookkeepers and accountants. This is a great and valuable tool. StratPad is definitely a contender to consider.

So how to choose the Best Business Planning Software Tool?

It all depends on the budget and need of the business owners.TRUiC provides a full review of all the above listed companies on their website, as well as pros and cons of using a business planning software tools.