Why Brands Are Focusing On Instagram Marketing

Instagram is that social media platform that is great not only for scrolling feeds and chatting but also for online business. Today you will see that people are going digital. They prefer selling stuff online more than selling it in traditional markets because it is easy and anybody can use it without any expense. Many influencers, bloggers, and even celebrities use Instagram as a means to promote products or to upload videos on products of different brands.

People are more active on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter and so brands nowadays focus on Instagram as a means to promote their products online and showcase it. It also increases loyalty of the brand towards the customers and people believe what they see so it is equally important. Brands buy likes to make their post look even better on their profile. You can select your targeted audience and nowadays Instagram also helps you to target an audience by using a business account and its features.

How Brands Use Instagram For Promotion?


There are lots of brands that use various different techniques to promote their products on Instagram such as:

  • Through paid advertising: Brand uses paid advertising because it is easily viewable and is of some minutes so it is one of the best ways they can use. They can directly advertise or advertise through someone.
  • Through their own page: Brands use their own pages to promote their products because that can be seen by their followers and they can know what their favorite brands are up to in terms of new collections, discounts and offers.
  • Through influencers: Brands contact influencers to promote their products. They reach out to the influencers relevant and good number of followers. They pay them to promote their product on their Instagram profile.
  • By switching to a business account: By a business account, brands get targeted audiences based on their area or interests and they can easily promote their products.
  • By generating interactive branded hashtags: Brands can create amazing hashtags to let users use them and thus create awareness through this strategy. When people use their hashtags to show off their purchases, they unknowingly promote the brand.
  • Through posting product teasers: Posting products teasers make people curious about the new product launch and there are more chances that people, who are waiting for the launch, will buy the product.
  • By Following Industry Related Accounts: Brands can focus on accounts that are industry related because that eventually helps promote their brands on bigger platforms and increase sales.

Why Brands Are Focusing On Instagram Marketing?


Instagram is a growing platform and used by brands to increase followers. It let the brand reach as many people as it can. Brands are leveraging Instagram because:

  • It is a great platform that helps in increasing sales and is equally important in marketing products to the customers.
  • It helps in building customer loyalty.
  • Brands can interact with their customers on a one on one basis that is great for marketing because brands come to know their customers personally which is really helpful to deal with them.
  • They can reach their customers directly and share their products in their stories to let people be aware of new updates.
  • They get opportunities to use feedback of their customers on their profile in stories or highlights and to gain more attention likewise.
  • It is a great tool to keep an eye on your competitors and check what all they are doing to promote their pages to stay ahead of
  • It is convenient and reliable than other forms of marketing and other social media platforms.


Now you know how important Instagram is to market your products and services. You can estimate your targeted customers easily through Instagram with the help of a business account. Marketing on Instagram is easy because it helps you directly focus on your customers and interact with them. It is a lot more convenient than traditional marketing because you are not restricted in terms of number of people. And, if you do not have a big number of followers, you can buy followers to get that initial thrust on Instagram. Every brand is leveraging Instagram to increase their sales. Even if you have a small business, you can get a lot of value from Instagram for your business.