Stories to Bond with your Kids

Stories to Bond with your Kids

Tales have existed from times immemorial and have been passed down from generation to another. People love listening to and sharing stories with others.

Here, we will talk about how you, as a parent, can bond with your little ones through stories. Yes, you read that right. You can actually make a stronger connection with your child with the help of stories for kids. Let us talk in-depth about the same.

Tales, Children and You

When you share a story with your kids, you introduce them to another world. A world that has valorous Kings and Queens, or a world that has fantastical elements like fairies and pixies, or a world that has common people facing general issues, or an amalgamation of all such characters in a single story.

That’s the beauty of tales. There’s no limit to possibilities. And, fortunately, mankind has been bestowed with such beautiful stories through ages that you would never fall short of them. There are diverse kinds of tales for children- stories from the Panchatantra, moral stories, Akbar-Birbal tales, Tenali Raman tales, fairy tales, and many such.

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch your kid listening to you in awe? You can read these stories to your child or you can enjoy listening to these stories by your child. In both ways, you will have fun talking about the characters and plot of the tales.

Not only do stories bring you closer to your children but they also have numerous other benefits.

1. Socio-cultural understanding

Through stories, children get to have a glimpse into different life scenarios and how people face them. They are familiarized with the social and cultural aspects of the society they are a part of. They become more aware of what is considered to be good and what is not.

2. Linguistic prowess

Reading more and more stories builds up a sound vocabulary. Over the years, it also makes kids conscious of different writing styles.

3. Self-confidence

Kids can practice storytelling in front of others. The act of storytelling can truly elevate self-confidence in kids and allow them to be more interactive with the people around them.

edtime stories for kids

4. Listening skills

Hearing and listening are quite different. Listening requires conscious effort and concentration. While you read stories to your kid, they develop better listening skills.

So, you can always spend quality time with your children by reading them different genres of tales. One such amazing genre is bedtime stories for kids that you can share with your little ones. These tales will leave a lasting impression on your child and let them have a sound sleep.

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